Nives Protrka

Nives Protrka, DMD, MSc, PhD had attended both elementary and secondary school in Zagreb (she had graduated from the Zagreb Health School, Croatia). During her school years she had participated in various different national high school competitions, in which she had been regularly awarded first prizes for her accomplishments (from 1994 to 1998). Alongside with her regular education she also attended a music school (both on elementary and high school level) and she actively participated in different national and international music competitions, in which she had been regularly awarded first prizes for her accomplishments. In 2004, she graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb and during her studies she gained the State Scholarship. She passed her licensing exam in 2005 and in 2008 she had independently established her private dental medicine practice. She attained a Master’s degree in 2010 after attending the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb and in 2011 she enrolled in the Ph.D. Study programme in order to be awarded a doctoral degree and the academic title of the Doctor of Philosophy. She continues to upgrade her education via attending numerous different local and international conferences as well as short-term dental training courses held both in Croatia and abroad. Nives Protrka, D.M.D., M.Sc. actively participates in the “Experimental and Clinical Endodontics” project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, register number: 065 – 0650444-0418.



  • “Biofunktionellen Prothetik System der IPS Classic sowie der praktischen Verarbeitung von SR Chromasit,” 23rd and 24th October 1995, in Schaan, Lichtenstein
  • “Modern composite technology for directly placed aesthetic reconstruction”, 19th April 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • “Dental Practice Leadership”, 15th September 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • “Oral Discussion with Practitioners”, 29th March 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • “ Kvarner’s day 2”, 25th April 2009 in Opatija, Croatia
  • “Oral health management”, 28th and 29th May 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • “Viral Hepatitis Transmission in the Dental Office”, 19th February 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • “1st Regional Conference of the ICX Implantoprosthetic Therapy”; 9th and 10th December 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • “Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics Days 1”, 31st March 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia
  • ”Competence in esthetics”, Zagreb 09.-10.11.2012.
  • “Strojna endodoncija”, Zagreb 09.02.2013
  • “35th International Dental Show”, from 12th to 16th March 2013 in Köln, Germany
  • “ICX sustav dentalnih impalntata u svakodnevnoj praksi”, Zagreb, 2014
  • “Kirurško-protetski tečaj iz implantologije sa sustavom Nobel Bicare”, Opatija, March 2015

Anica Mirosavljević

Anica Mirosavljević, DMD graduated general gymnasium in Slavonski Brod, before attending the Dental University in 2006. The same year she received governmental scholarship. During her studies she was an active member of student society and team ‘’Tooth Fairy’’ with whom she focused primarily on developing her skills specific to children’s dentistry by working with numerous schools and nurseries. After graduating in 2012. Dr. Mirosavljević began general training at Home Health Slavonski Brod. At the University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine she has completed two years of specialist training. She graduated in February 2014 and in April of that same year she started working at a private dental clinic in Zagreb where she worked until December 2015. She then worked in a dental clinic in Zagreb until September 2016, and since November 2016 Dr. Mirosavljević is a member of the Nives Protrka team.


Anica Mirosavljević,  has taken many continuous educational courses:

  • “Dental trauma treatment– from first appointment to aesthetic restoration’’, February 2015.
  • “Christmas in Zagreb”, December 2015.
  • “9th International congress of new technologies in dental medicine – polyvalent practices”, May 2016.
  • “New trends in dental medicine” , October 2016.
  • “GC Essentia working course” , November 2016.
  • “3rd International congress University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine”, March 2017.

“GC Essentia, How to achieve aesthetics and function with new adhesive materials”, April 2017.

Vedrana Vukojević

Nurse Vedrana Vukojević had attended both elementary and secondary school in Zagreb (she had graduated from the School of nursing, secondary level). In 2000, she had finished her internship program at Children’s Hospital Zagreb, where she gained her experience in working with children, who are the patients that she pays special attention to, throughout her career. She passed her licensing exam in 2001. She has been working as a dental assistant since 2005. She continues to upgrade her education via attending different seminars for dental assistants and she keeps up to date with the latest achievements in dental medicine.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wednesday, Friday
8:00 am – 2:00 pm


Božidara Adžije 22, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska